Teacher’s Page

This part of the site is currently being developed. Check back soon to see its progress. New additions include technology/Apps/useful programs, videos, and games used by families.

2 thoughts on “Teacher’s Page

  1. Mrs. Kun, I don’t have anything to offer as far a tips for writing specifically, but a tip that has helped my daughter with using her eating utensils. My daughter is generally under-responsive in many of her motor responses. I could not get her to maintain hand grip/contact with her spoon or fork making it impossible to work on self feeding skills. Completely by accident I gave her a freeze pop after she had her tonsils out just to see what she would do fully expecting her to drop it like she did everything. She fed herself the entire freeze pop with no assistance. The only thing that I can figure is that the coldness provided an intense sensory awareness that allowed her to focus on using her hand in a way she was not able to do before. She has been using her fork and spoon (with guidance help) ever since.

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