Technology & Teaching Aids

Listed below is a list of parent recommended apps for the IPAD/computer, videos, programs, games etc. that were helpful in their child’s learning and amusement etc. To add to this list please comment below or send your suggestions to

– Your Baby Can Read Videos:  Recommended to assist in developing receptive language skills. One parent says that these videos helped their child to shake her head no, nod yes, find body parts, and clap her hands. Price: $90 new but cheaper used.

– Busy Beaver application (IPAD App)

– Richard Scarry board games (Game)- Busytown and Busy Busy Airport

– Books: Letterland book and CD.

– Bad Pig (Android App)

– Cut The Rope (Android App)

– Starfall (Android App); Price: $35/year

– PBS (IPAD App)

– Tap to Talk (IPAD App)

– Vocal Zoo (IPAD App)

– Sound Touch (IPAD App) – LITE version

– Grasshopper Apps: ‘I love Mom’ & ‘I like Fall’

– Autism iHelp Sorting (IPAD App); Price:FREE

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