Kayla’s Story

Kayla's story

I have a  special needs daughter, her name is Kayla. She and her brothers  are the most important people in my life. I never wanted a career, it  was the last thing on my mind. I just wanted a family. I had 2 boys, very close together. They were handful but I love (almost)  every minute of it. They too have their own problems and it was a  struggle to get them through school. Then I found out I was pregnant  with Kayla; my girl. I always wanted a daughter so I could have the  relationship with her that I have with my Mother. She was born a month  early and was a tiny little baby girl, but she was perfect. I took her  home with me when I was released from the hospital and my life felt  complete. She was a very happy baby  and it seemed like everything that she did was right on track until he turned 6 months old and started regressing. That was the first sign something was going on. I took her to so many doctors and none of them could tell me anything. Finally when she was 9 years old we got a diagnoses from the genetics doctor (they had come out with a brand new test) that she had a microdeletion of  chromosome 2q23.1. At the time we were told that there were only 15  other children diagnosed with it. I never felt so alone before in my  life, I was lost. I searched the internet everyday looking for something to help me. Then one day I started thinking, she is who she is and I  have done all can do and will do all I can do for her. She is happy and  healthy for the most part and why should it be any different? I thank God everyday for my children ♥

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