About us

Our Mission Statement: is to connect and support those with 2q23.1 Microdeletion/Duplication Syndrome (MDS)

We aim to do this, by:
  • Accessing and distributing accurate information about 2q23.1 MDS
  • Connecting and helping parents/guardians/care givers and families feel valued and supported
  • Raising awareness of 2Q23.1 MDS among the medical community, therapists, schools, agencies and the community
  • Pursuing opportunities to support networking and research, related to 2q23.1 MDS

This website is currently run by Moderators of our Family Support Network and Loren Pugliesi M.S.G.C (Genetic Counselor) St Joseph’s Regional Medical Center and Sarah Elsea Ph.D. FACMG (Associate Professor, Dept of Molecular & Human Genetics) Baylor College of Medicine.