Site update..

I just wanted to let all of our visitors know- We will be updating this site over the next few months. Please come back and visit us again in the very near future to see all of our changes.

~~ Renee Wohlfarth


Thank-you for helping us raise awareness for 2q23.1 Microdeletion/Duplication Syndrome!

Awed. Humbled. Thankful. Those are the closest words we can convey of how we are feeling as we look back on the amazing response from our friends and family for 2q Awareness Day. So many wonderful pictures. So many beautiful, touching, and encouraging posts. Our children have made tremendous progress this year and it is because we have such a supportive and loving group behind (and often times, beside) us.

There were over 1000 people in pictures from around the World on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and over 900 visitors to this website. We accomplished our goal of raising the level of awareness and knowledge.

Thank-you so much for participating and helping us raise awareness for 2q23.1 Microdeletion/Duplication Syndrome.

~~~ The families